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Advio Moto

Designing & Building Digital Communities

Advio Moto is a shared community map for moto adventurers that I designed & developed as a personal project. Advio allow riders to communicate reliably and securely with each other by connecting them directly via SMS. Once the connection is made, Advio allows users to focus on riding and building their personal moto network, without all the extra fuss. To participate, you simply need to enjoy riding motorcycles, or appreciate and support motorcyclists.

Advio Moto was inspired by a 2-month solo motorcycle adventure across the US. I originally designed the concept on pen and paper and brought into Sketch when I returned home. You can read more about my adventures here.

This reactJS web app is actually the second version of Advio. I built the first version with React Native and compiled it into an iOS and Android app, but after testing, I realized that it could be (and needed to be) much simpler. Advio Moto is live and can be found here


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